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I created a journal just to post about games ^^;
I'm using the name 12sided as a little Dungeons and Dragons reference and it got me making a few new icons to use there (can't have a games journal without Samus XP) I had some already saved but then it would all me Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts at least now I have a bit more variety XP

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fuuu~ I can't seem to load any page of facebook except the mouse hunt page O_o I've gotten so used to checking up on people via the main page.

I'm just going to take this opportunity to bitch about Channel Ten, I know I shouldn't be surprised when they do dickish sexist things but that doesn't mean I can't be irritated by it.
I can't bring myself with watch SYTYCD Australia anymore due to the judges applauding poor music and choreography as if it were genius but the costume choices for tonight's opening dance set my mood.
Guys: covered head to toe, wearing casual jackets, T shirts and jeans
Girls: Wearing plastic straps, fishnet, hot pants and shiny bikinitops...

The women looks like they were from some porney sci-fi set while the guys looked like they'd just walked in off the streets... I mean you could at least -try- and justify the skimpy outfits by making the costumes the guys were wearing match at least a little...
honestly WTF?

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cut for swearingCollapse )

in short: that new batman Arkham game? = yuck ...I don't know whether to hit something or draw something violent and degenerating

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spoilers behind the cutCollapse )

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When you find out there was an art competition that was right up your ally, in Australia, in Melbourne even... and it was over in September last year...

I'm going to go pound my head on something...

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woo b-day time again. Nothing really fancy

When: 28th noon-12:30
Where: Melbourne Central under the clock
??: We'll head down the Yoyogi's for some lunch, dress in nice/casual, I'd like to head over to Purikura afterwords. Mostly I just want to hang out and talk with everyone!

Please leave a comment to tell me if you're coming ^_-

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I've been talking with people about different thing so I thought I'd do a post with links ^^

First off a great artist from Deviant art. I followed him after seeing his character Lilith: a 'necromancer' who animates toys instead of corpses

Next up is the That Guy With The Glasses website
Of his own works I recommend Nostalgia Critic and Bum Reviews (they're funnier if you've seen the movie he's talking about)
Nostalgia Critic
Bum Reviews

Also on the site are
Nostalgia Chick I'd definitely recommend the Top 11 Villainesses
Linkara who reviews bad comic books including 'Superman at Earth's End'
That Dude In The Suede anime reviews
also also
Goggles has a small selection of good vids ^^

Another video reviewer I found through there was The Spoony Experiment who does some good game reviews, I'd recomend the Terror Trax and Phantasmagoria 2 videos though they are kinda long they're the ones I had the most fun with.

If I;ve been ranting about people about anything else they'd like links to leave a comment and I'll edit it up ^^

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we have a possum outside, huddles behind a pot plant over a drain trying to get cool in this oppressive heat.
We gave it some water it was very eager for and set up 'nan's old fashioned air con' for it (wet some towels in cold water and hang them up in front of a breeze and feel the air turn cooler)

pics after the cutCollapse )

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I want this shirt

it makes me giggle

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....oh man just when I was getting a bit bored with the repetition, thinking how the opening sequence is getting more and more embarrising....
................AN IKUTO IN YOUR BED <3


oh, poor Ikuto and his EVIL violin XD
I'm still giggling over this exchange:

Ikuto: A pervert is someone who stares at you while you sleep with a creepy grin on their face, someone like you
Amu:... >A< no I totally wasn't grinning!
Miki, Ran, Su: D8

oh and I will never get sick of Yoru PANICKING XD


this series turns me into such a freaking girl XD

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